5 Smart Product Explainer Video Examples to Draw Inspiration From Top Brands in 2023

Promoting your products online with great explainer videos is a must for any business. Learn how to make your own product explainer videos.
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The product you've created is fantastic. People are interested in purchasing it after they see how it benefits them. In that case, how can you demonstrate the product's functionality to each and every one of your potential buyers in a way that compels them to make a purchase? Get your product explainer videos made!

Promoting your products online with great explainer videos is a must for any modern business. 84% of customers have said that a brand's video influenced their decision to buy. Before going to a store, over 50% of all online consumers watch product videos. 

In light of these figures, you're losing out big time if your apps and goods have no explainer video examples. This post showcases some of the greatest product explainer video examples of some famous brands and explains how to make your own.

What is a product demo video?

The purpose of a product demo video is to show potential customers how your product can help them and to explain how it works. One of the best ways to get people to watch and buy from your products is using a video. Compared to a landing page or white paper, a few seconds of captivating visual material can convey more information about your product.

Your Business Gains 3X Profits from Product Explainer Videos. How?

Raise Brand Recognition: Watching your product explainer videos increases the likelihood that your audience will remember your brand. 80% of viewers said that videos helped them remember brands. A product demo video is a great way to set your business apart from competitors.

Product Descriptions: Prospective buyers can see how your product works in action in your explainer video examples. If viewers can see your products in action, they are more inclined to buy them. Nearly all marketers (95%) agree that customers have gained a better understanding of their products and services after watching explainer videos.

Increased Traffic and More Clicks: Video is becoming more significant for search engine optimization (SEO), and including it into a website increases its chances of ranking 53 times higher in Google's search results, which in turn increases traffic. Achieving a high position on the first page of search results will significantly enhance your website traffic, as more than 25% of searchers click on the first organic result they see. 

More Revenue: People are more likely to buy your products when they have faith in them after seeing them in action. You can boost your product's sales by a significant amount by adding great explainer videos.

It is absolutely necessary to incorporate a product explainer video into your company's landing page or marketing materials in light of the data and trends we have observed regarding videos.

5 Smart Product Explainer Video Examples from Top Brands

1. McDonald’s Drive Thru Car Explainer Video

So that no cars could utilise the drive-thru for a day, McDonald's developed a cool video to let customers know. Many entertaining scenes featured individuals riding various forms of two-wheeled transportation, rather than in automobiles. In keeping with McDonald's carefree vibe, the video included vibrant colours and lively music. You might say it's an aural and visual delight!

2. IBM Data Management Explainer Video

Companies in the information technology sector, such as IBM, plainly have a need for an explanatory video. Their wares and services aren't always easy to put into words. This adds another hurdle for brand communicators to overcome: appealing to the audience's intelligence requires expressing ideas in complex language. You can easily bridge this gap with an explanatory video, like the one in the example. The narrator is as well-informed and perceptive as the intended listeners. The colours used by the explainer are both professional and associated with the company. The use of iconography and purposeful animation in this style of animated explainer movie makes the message more engaging.

3. Rosco Labs by Demoflick

In order to launch their new product, Rosco Labs collaborated with Demoflick to create the Miro Cube 2, an advanced LED light fixture. A static scene of a shadowy garage filled with miniature automobiles opens the film. Then, to begin the story, lights are turned on for each one. This dramatic introduction sets the tone for an amazing product explainer video example that has many great features.

Among the great explainer videos, this video showcases the lights, which are both little and sophisticated. The animators also went to the trouble of making side-by-side scenes to emphasise this point. One side shows the product's structure while the other shows how it works.

The narrator makes it quite obvious that the lights function as the scenes progress. On the other hand, the on-screen text supplements served as an extra educational tool that helped to illuminate (pardon the pun) the technical details of the Micro Cube 2. As an additional measure to create visual harmony and ease of the eyes, they set the text pop-ups against a simple white backdrop.

4. Ahrefs

Just like any great explainer video, Ahrefs didn't waste any time getting to the point. There is a top-notch product explainer video for this SEO tool. The film provides a clear explanation of its features, which is the main reason for this. It does a great job of explaining the tool's functionality and the benefits of utilising it. 

Specifically, Ahrefs used interesting animation to accompany a welcoming voiceover that elucidates the "problem" or "pain points" of their target audience in this video. In addition to being innovative and straightforward, it is informative and, dare I say it, a little "longer," demonstrating to their ideal customers just what Ahrefs can accomplish for them. 

5. Hubspot

This animated product explainer video from HubSpot simplifies the otherwise difficult idea of artificial intelligence (AI). It imagines a world where AI and people work together in harmony, making our lives easier and better in the future. Captivating animations bring the possibilities of AI to a wider audience by creating a clear image of this peaceful cohabitation. What makes it stand out is it helps the audience understand that artificial intelligence is the future.

Final Verdict

Make your product or service features come alive with the help of images and audio in an interesting and readily digestible product explainer video. Startups and other rapidly expanding companies who might not yet have the capital to launch expensive advertising efforts can implement these 5 product explainer video examples to stand out.

To top it all off, great explainer videos can do wonders for your company's credibility and familiarity as an information source, giving clients the peace of mind they need to buy your product or service. 

Put simply, product explainer videos are a game-changer when it comes to reaching your target audience and earning their trust. 

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