Book More Meetings: How to Increase Customer Engagement through Video?

how to improve both the quantity and quality of your meetings by utilising interactive videos.‍
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Are more meetings actually bookable with video content? That's a valid question. Yes, it is absolutely correct. A top interactive marketing tactic, video content has the ability to attract not just prospective customers but also premium leads and possibilities. One can increase customer engagement through videos and sales meetings by 45% and almost double click rates over text!

Interactive videos allow potential customers to see your service or product in action before they ever get a chance to read about it in depth. The ultimate objective, after all, is to increase the likelihood that they will set up a meeting by making a more personal connection with them.

Learn in this article, how to improve both the quantity and quality of your meetings by utilising interactive videos.

5 Benefits of Recording Sales Videos

  • Despite receiving a lot of emails, video sales emails are sure to stick noticed.
  • The likelihood of a sale increases because videos have a significant impact on the lead's decision-making process.
  • A clear and compelling call to action in videos helps guide a prospective client in the right direction, i.e., scheduling a meeting, because the average human attention span is 8 seconds.
  • Through open and honest dialogue, videos facilitate the development of a genuine relationship with the prospect.
  • You have control over the storyline of the initial impression, so your brand appears reliable, purposeful, and helpful to the prospect client.

How to get started with Videos that Book more Meetings?

Five Pointers for Incorporating Videos into Sales Emails:

  1. If you're making a video to promote a product, keep it 30 seconds long or shorter and make sure to include all the crucial points.
  2. In the event that you choose to record it indoors, verify that your lighting is perfect, use a high-quality camera or camcorder rather than your phone, and choose a pleasing background.
  3. Gimmicks and props, such as dressing in an unusual way, including humour, incorporating a personalised message into the video, or even writing the potential customer's name on a board, can be an effective way to get customer engagement through videos.
  4. Make your credibility stand out by including client testimonials as social evidence.
  5. Since there is already sufficient content in the email to lower the bounce rate, it is recommended to keep the video very brief.

How to Increase Customer Engagement Through Videos and Book More Meetings?

After we cover the benefits of video content marketing, we can get into the specifics of making high-quality videos that will increase your meeting bookings. 

1. Create an Outline and Plan Your Structure

Interactive videos with a clear aim and a solid structure tend to do better. Invest some effort into outlining the framework of your video and writing a script that communicates your intended message.

You should also think about including an introduction, some important points, and a call to action at the conclusion of your film. To keep viewers interested all the way to the finish, make sure these sections are well-planned and interesting.

Finally, have fun and be creative. Put some of yourself into your interactive marketing strategies and don't be scared to have fun.

2. Use Appropriate Tools

If you want your finished product to look well on any screen size, invest in high-quality camera equipment and a suitable backdrop. However, in our opinion, you may make jaw-dropping interactive videos without being a professional filmmaker or having a tonne of money. Make sure there is enough lighting, a contrasting background, and a clear shot of yourself or your product in the video content marketing.

It is unnecessary to invest in pricey video editing software when you can harness the power of Tolstoy's technology. Want further marketing tools that are interactive? Check out the top interactive marketing tools that we've compiled for you.

3. Reducing Quantity While Enhancing Quality

When planning your video content, prioritise quality above quantity. Your films might not be up to par if you're rushing to produce content, which could lead to unsuccessful meetings.

Focus on making fewer, higher-quality interactive videos that will genuinely interest potential buyers rather than trying to rush out video after video. Investing in high-quality video material is a great way to attract more prospects and stand out from the competition before you even meet in person.

4. Make Post-Production a Priority

In your video content marketing, post-production is crucial. Videos can be edited and enhanced here with the addition of music, caption overlays, graphics, and more.

Another way to keep viewers interested is to use editing to remove any extraneous material and make the movie shorter and more to the point. It's an excellent method for making sure your video looks finished and knowledgeable.

On top of that, it adds personality to your video, which makes it easier for viewers to consume.

5. Including Compelling Call to Actions in Videos

After viewing your video, what action do you hope your viewers will take?

The obvious choice would be to have their messages sent directly to your email list. For that reason, you must conclude your video with a strong and compelling call to actions in videos. Things like joining your email list, scheduling a meeting, or enrolling in a webinar or training all fall under this category.

You can enhance the likelihood of viewers taking action by ensuring that your call to action is both prominent and clear to understand. 

Another way to get people to take action is to use an interesting text overlay with motion.

6. Choose Your Videos Wisely

Not all forms of video material can increase your meeting bookings, but there are plenty to choose from for your website. Posting a lengthy video on your webpage explaining the process of making your product could pique the interest of some, but it's unlikely to inspire anyone to actually contact you. If you want to establish a genuine connection with your audience, an interactive video where they may choose their own answers in a conversation with you is your best bet.

When is it appropriate to include a video into your Video Content Marketing?

First Interaction: Attracting and connecting with your lead on a personal level should be your top priorities during the first touch.

Follow-Up: As a first step in the follow-up process, review the connect, discovery, or qualifying call to review the agreed-upon next steps.

The Check-in Step: At the check-in step, you find out whether the sale is still going through.

After the Sale: After the sale, send a video email to express your gratitude for the client's cooperation and to lay the framework for future referrals and testimonials.

Final Verdict

It takes patience and repetition to produce video content that books more meetings, yet if you observe a spike in leads and appointments, it means your interactive marketing strategies are definitely worth it. To begin, organise your script and structure, choose the appropriate tools and backdrop, prioritise quality over quantity, and don't overlook the need of compelling Call-to-Action (CTA) in videos.

If you follow these guidelines, you should have no trouble making high-quality videos that attract more clients and propel your company to new heights.

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